My paintings study life. Life constructed by emotions of all shades; light, dark and the quiet shadow of their absence. Intricate or simple. My subjects, the protagonists express them. Alive in their own moment. Surrounding us but commonly overlooked, faces exaggerated and distorted or placid with calm. They are conduit for emotions both age old and eternal. It is about focus. It is all black or white. It is still life.


Theodosia Marchant’s art focuses on life, relationships and sentiment.  Her work depicts the emotions running through our minds and lives, reaffirming the existential being of her subjects. She feels a monochromatic palette is often more effective to convey her message without distractions. The subjects often appear faceless, simply defined by their shapes and gestures. In them, she hopes to express a universal language that remains timeless and incorruptible.

Theodosia was born and raised in Athens, Greece and spent many years living in London. She was exposed to the arts by her mother at an early age and now lives and works in Los Angeles. She has exhibited in the US and her work is held in private collections in the US, UK and Greece.